Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, In-Home Pet Care and Overnight Pet Sitting

Services & Pricing

A dog care service provider like no other.

Most of you are aware that dogs are very social animals. They require the company of their human owners in order to feel safe. If you’re looking for a dog sitter that knows how to keep your puppy busy while you’re away, Precious Pet Care will gladly take care of everything!

Private Dog Walking

30-mins $24
45-mins $30
60-mins $35
$5 extra charge per dog if over 3 dogs in a household

Group dog walking offered for special discounts

Do your dogs love walking with the neighbors’ dogs?
Sign up as a group for group pricing!

Neighbors must be within a .5 mile radius

Groups must have 3 or more clients. Clients are charged individually at the rates listed to the right. If a client has more than one dog, there is a $5 charge for each extra dog.

5 small dogs maximum, 3-4 medium dogs maximum.

Group Dog Walking

30-mins $17 per Client, $5 per extra dog
60-mins $20, $5 per extra dog

$9 extra charge for puppies (less than 12 months old)

A smart cat sitter!

Almost everyone knows that cats are independent animals. As opposed to dogs, felines do not require that much attention; however, they will still need to be looked after and provided with food. Every pet sitter at our company is more than experienced with cats, so you can be sure that we know what to expect.

Pet sitting/Cat Visits

15-mins $22
30-mins $24
45-mins $26
60-mins $29
Any additional hours will be $17/hr

$15 extra charge for puppies (less than 12 months old)
$5 extra charge per dog if over 3 dogs in a household

Overnight Care

We offer overnight care for when you are out of town. We will come to your house and stay with your pet in the comfort of their own home.

*Rates go up for a house of more than 3 pets.

Holiday Fee

Extra charge to any service that falls on Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Travel Fee

Applied to services 10 miles or more away from our central San Diego service area.

Basic Overnight Care $79/night

We offer the basic overnight care which is a 12hr period usually the sitter will arrive at 8pm and will stay till 8am. The basic care includes a PM walk and an AM walk.

Premium Overnight Care $89/night

The premium overnight care is the same as the basic where the sitter will be at your house for the 12hr period but it will also include a midday walk. So it will be a total of 3 walks a day with the midday walk be the longest walk of the day.

Golden Overnight Care $199/night

The golden overnight care is a premium service where the sitter will be with the dog for the whole entire day. It is a 24hr service. This is a good choice if your dog is use to having someone in the house all the time or have anxiety separation issues.

$15 extra charge for puppies (less than 12 months old)
$10 extra charge Weekend Overnight care
$5 extra charge per dog if over 3 dogs in a household

Doggy Field Day

We offer doggy day care every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. It’s one day of fun for your pups! We will typically take them to dog parks, dog beaches and/or have puppy play dates. It’s a great way for them to socialize with other dogs and also to get all their energy out by running around all day*.

Reservations must be made at least 24hrs in advance. Limited spots available.

Service Includes:
Pick up and drop off
real time updates with photos & videos
An end-of-day album
Doggy Report Card
Brushing, Coat, Ear, & Paw Cleaning

Professional, insured sitters make sure your fur babies are in good hands and have the individual attention that keeps them safe.

Doggy Field Day Rates

$65/ for half day (4hrs)

$79/ for full day (8hrs)


$15 extra charge for puppies (less than 12 months old)

$5 extra charge per dog if over 3 dogs in a household

Grooming & Wash Service also available!

Additional Services

Nail Trim:
Treat your pet to a Precious Petcare Nail Trim!
Pets must be cooperative. Please do not schedule if your pet get distressed by having their nails cut.
You may still be charged for time & effort if the pet is uncooperative.
*Travel fee applies if only nail clipping services are needed and not any other services

Anal Gland Expressions for dogs:
Is your dog rubbing their butt on the floor frequently? It might be because their anal gland is infected or their bum is itchy. They are in need of an anal gland expression! Most vets charge $35-$50 for a quick extraction. We can add It on to any of the services for $29 for small dogs or $34 for big dogs.
*Travel fee applies if only anal gland expression services are needed and not any other services


Shots are $5 extra.

Oral medication or any other prescription meds (ointments & eye drops) are $3 extra.

Nail Clipping Service Rates

Cats $10
Small Dogs $12
Big Dogs $15
+$2 extra for pets with black nails.

Anal Gland Expressions Rates

Most vets charge $35-$50 for a quick extraction.

We can add It on to any of the services for:
$29 for small dogs
$34 for big dogs

*request quote for cats

Key Drop off/ Pick up Policy

If you need the sitter to come pick up the key before
service or after the service is over there is a $9 fee.
Please provide 2 extra keys on the complimentary meet & greet.

Serving: Downtown San Diego, Banker’s Hill, Little Italy, Old Town, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, North Park, Hillcrest, University Heights, Normal Heights, City Heights, Golden Hill, La Mesa ,College, Rolando, San Carlos, Fletcher Hills, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, Linda Vista, La Jolla, UTC, Pacific Beach, and Crown Point.

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