Generally speaking, we all want the best possible care for our pets in our absence. Hiring a trained and certified pet sitter is obviously the most appropriated solution. When you are back from a business trip or vacation, you may sense some unusual signs in your dog or cat that you have hired an unprofessional pet sitting service provider. What are they?

Cluttered feeding area
A good pet sitter will always try to keep your home clean and tidy, especially when it comes to your pet’s feeding area. Do you see a lot of his/her favorite food everywhere around his/her bawl? Is the place dirty and cluttered like after a hurricane? If you see food leftovers all around your furry friend’s bawl, maybe you have to think about the abilities of the specialist you have chosen.

”Accidents” all around
If you see all those little but important ”accidents” in your house, like urine footsteps or poop stains on your floor, it is time for you to change your pet sitter. Suspicious carpet stains are a sure indicator that your lovely pet was kept inside your house for too long. Neglected ”experts” must be fired immediately as they may cause the spread of hazardous bacteria and viruses in your home.

Suspicious mess in your home
Another sure signal is the mess and clutter you see all around. Some of your items are touched and moved, you smell an awful cigarette odor, or even worse, some things are missing. You definitely need to change the sitter you have hired. That kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

Sudden injuries
The whole point of hiring a dependable pet sitter is to look after your adorable dog or cat the way you do, so it won’t miss your love, care, and attention. When you see some sudden and unexpected injuries, such as bleeding, scratching, scrapes, bruising, etc., this should be a red flag for you, showing you that you have hired a careless sitter.

This is another very common indication. When your pet is afraid of his/her sitter and express visible aggressiveness, perhaps it is time for you to fire him/her.

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