Best pet-sitters in San Diego – Precious Petcare

by Rowland Howard with Trainable K9

Many pet owners find that when they go out of town, there’s just no way to bring their dog or cat – Even if you can bring them, it can make things more stressful because you have to deal with their needs on the journey. Trainable K9 is excited to announce a new partnership with Precious Pet Care in San Diego! Precious Pet Care does so much more than just keeping an eye on your cat or dog. They mentally fulfill your pet and ensure they are safe! Field trips? CHECK! Cats and dogs given proper medications? CHECK! Knowing that your furry friends are safe and happy? CHECK! Peace of mind is priceless, so using the white glove services offered by Precious Petcare makes it an easy choice!

Some dogs do better in kennels overnight and some do great without! At Precious Pet Care there is support for both options, depending on the needs of the pet. If you should request a kennel just let them know! They also will happily board Fido kennel free to give them space to stretch out and get comfy. Another plus about using Precious Pet Care for your dog’s vacation needs is they only allow 5 dogs to stay at one time in a small classroom size environment. Quality over quantity should always be a priority when choosing a dog boarding facility, and Precious Pet Care is here to make your dog their number one priority! No dog is like yours and they know that.

One cool service offered by Precious Pet Care is the pink bus pick up service! Going out of town is full of running errands and double checking your packing list, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time dropping your fluffy friends off at the sitter. Never miss a flight again because you had to drop Fido off at the sitter. The pink pick-up bus will safely transport your furry friend so you don’t have to! Precious Pet Care focuses on simplifying your life and taking the absolute best care of your pets.

Throughout the pandemic, the amount of people working from home has skyrocketed! Your dog might be excited that you are home all the time, but Fido probably is tired of seeing you on Zoom meetings all day! Precious Pet Care also has you covered while you’re working from home – They’ll take Fido out to play while you’re signing deals from the comfort of your home! Be in two places at one time with this at home service! Prices start as low as $26 for one pet and only $5 extra dollars for the second pet!

Don’t worry, they didn’t forget about your feline friends. Cats are JUST as important as the pups. Even though cats tend to be the wallflowers in the house, they still want to know someone is there for them. Precious Pet Care has experience caring for cats and wants to ensure you know that! Caring for cats takes special attention and care, as they can be finicky, but that’s okay! Precious Pet Care has the know-how to care for our picky feline friends. They also specialize in caring for dogs and cats with separation anxiety! Everyone is taken care of!

The last service and certainly not least is the wedding service offered. You may be wondering what this service entails, well it means that your special pet will be trained to participate in your special day! Fido will be trained to be the cutest flower pup ever!

We trust our dogs with Precious Pet Care and we know you would love it if you left your pup with our trusted partner the next time you go out of town!

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