Image via Pexels by Samson Katt

What’s better than traveling around and working from the beach, the mountains, or a fancy
hotel room with a stunning view? Doing it all with your pet by your side. As a freelance
writer and digital nomad, you and your furry friend can stay together while you work to
provide them the best life. Here are some ways you can make the most of being a digital
nomad with your pet.

Secure a Flexible Job

Freelance writing generally lends itself well to the digital nomad life. However, you might
want to avoid jobs or positions that require you to frequently talk on the phone, as you
don’t want to be interrupted by barking or other pet noises. Another thing to consider is
flexibility in terms of when you work. Being able to work your own hours means you can
better tend to your pet’s needs, such as making a mid-day vet visit or going for an
early-morning adventure at the dog park.

Save Money on Your Pet’s Food

One way to save on pet food and get rewarded is by using cash-back apps and receipt
scanning programs for your pet food purchases. These apps offer rebates and other
rewards, such as gift cards, for qualifying purchases that could include your pet’s food. If
you have a car or van, buying in bulk and storing the food may also be a way to save money
on your pet’s food. Consider the temperature inside your vehicle if you plan on leaving the
food in there for an extended period of time.

Bring Their Records

When you’re packing for a trip with your furry friend, don’t forget to bring along their
records. Having your pet’s medical records on hand can be extremely helpful if they need
medical care while you’re traveling. Be sure to bring along their vaccination records, as well
as any other relevant medical information. In the event that your pet does need to see a
veterinarian while you’re away from home, having their records readily available will help
to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

You might want to save your pet’s records in a PDF so that they’re always accessible. You
can use an online merging tool to combine PDFs so all your pet’s medical records are in one

Get Pet Insurance

As you travel, your pet will likely need veterinarian visits in different states for things such
as checkups, flea and tick preventative treatment, and medication management. That’s why
you should get a pet insurance policy to help cover veterinary expenses. Don’t shop solely
based on price. Check what the policy covers and ensure it offers coverage nationwide if
you anticipate traveling outside your state.

Find Pet-friendly Places to Stay

Sometimes, you may need to find lodging for you and your pet, and it’s important to know
where you can and can’t have your animal stay with you. Look online or call and ask about
the hotel’s pet policy before booking a stay. If you’d rather stay in an Airbnb while you
travel, use sites such as Trips to Discover to find the most pet-friendly Airbnbs.

Buy High-Quality Pet Products

Keeping your pet safe and comfortable should be top of mind. Invest in high-quality
harnesses and leashes as well as a pet backpack they can travel in if you go out exploring.
Customer reviews can help you determine the best pet products but read reviews to see the
products that animal professionals endorse and trust.

Take Your Pet to Work Everyday

Set yourself and your pet up for success as digital nomads by finding a suitable job, saving
money on your pet’s products, and staying in places that welcome animals. If you need
some time to focus on work, send your beloved pet to doggie day care at Precious Petcare!