Moving is hard for everyone, but it can be particularly bewildering for your dog. A new place with new smells and a new routine can lead to confusion and anxiety. We’ve pooled some resources to help you and your pooch get better acquainted with San Diego.

Set Up Home Sweet Home (For Your Pet)

Make sure you spend some time getting your home set up for your new pet. The sooner they can feel relaxed and comfortable, the better.

Help Your Dog Adjust to Your New Home

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Identification Tags and Microchips

Set Up Home Sweet Home (For You)

Don’t forget to set up things for yourself, as well! This includes changing your addresses, setting up your utilities, and connecting your TV and internet.

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Addresses You Need to Change When Moving

Look Into Internet and Cable Packages

Establish Professional Services

Now it’s time to start looking for pet-related services, including a vet. Having one ready to go means you won’t have to scramble in the event of an emergency.

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Connect with Precious Petcare for Pet Sitting and Walking

Find a Mobile Dog Groomer

Go Exploring Together

Now it’s time to explore! Thankfully, San Diego has no shortage of things to do.

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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Seven Dog-Friendly Hikes Through San Diego

Settling into the city with your pup can feel strange to you both at first, but with a little time and TLC, you’ll feel right at home! Establish a space for your furry friend, connect with the professional services you and Fido will be using, and then do some exploring. Once you’re better acquainted with San Diego, you’ll love it here!