The relationship between older adults and pets is often a wonderful tale as old as time. Seniors, on one hand — with their empty nests, resources, and free time — have much love and care to offer. Pets, on the other hand, are always only too happy to be on the receiving end of such affection. This makes for a match made in heaven that’s nearly impossible to break.


But of course, time passes, and real life happens. As seniors progress in age, some find that their need for medical care and living assistance increases. This, in turn, necessitates the move to more comprehensive housing options, such as assisted living or skilled care. This would call into question the fate of beloved pets.


If you’re a senior facing this possibility, no doubt you’ll do everything in your power to keep your pet with you, as well as make the transition easy for both of you. Thankfully, there are ways you can do exactly that. Precious Pet Care offers a few tips.


Determine your needs and verify policies.


Not all senior housing options are created equal. Depending on your specific care, medical, and daily living needs, some options will be more appropriate than others. Assisted living is ideal for seniors who need extra support to manage medication, prepare meals, and do laundry. It also offers seniors the opportunity to socialize and participate in fun activities. But if you need skilled medical care and day-and-night monitoring, then a skilled nursing facility will be your safest option.


You’ll need to determine pet ownership policies. There are, in fact, assisted living facilities (and the like) that recognize the benefits of pet ownership for seniors, which is why they have endeavored to make their communities pet-friendly ones. It goes without saying that, if you want you and your pet to stay together, these are the institutions that should be high up on your list.


Of course, pet ownership in assisted living or skilled care comes with caveats, too. Most facilities have policies and restrictions apropos to residents living with pets, as well as requirements on pet size, training, vaccinations, and more. Some may even leverage higher fees or additional deposits. Start with adequate due diligence and compare various facilities before settling on one. Use online resources to narrow your choices in the San Diego area, and focus on finding a community that is pet-friendly. Next, make a point to visit potential communities to determine which one will be the best fit.


Make the transition easy for both pet and owner.


Now, finding a facility to move with your pet is only half the battle. In fact, the actual move itself can be a potentially bigger challenge. Like humans, dogs could suffer from moving stress, too. They may find your new home and environment overwhelming, which could lead to accidents and bad behavior. Needless to say, you’ll want to make this change as smooth, stress-free, and streamlined as possible. Not only will this ease your dog’s anxiety, but it will make things so much easier on you, too.


There are some very easy and straightforward ways to keep your dog comfortable and maybe even happy on moving day. Make sure to prepare a bag with their favorite food and treats, as well as unpack creature comforts like toys and their bed right away. Next, turn to pet sitter services like Precious Pet Care to help spare your pet from the tension caused by the hustle and bustle of moving.


Live happily ever after.


You want to make sure that your pet settles down nicely in this new environment. Pay close attention to your pet’s health during this time and always, so be mindful that they’re getting adequate nutrition. Dry food is better for most dogs as it’s not messy, as opposed to canned food. But make sure to only choose top-rated dog foods by verifying that they’re made up of nutritious ingredients, as well as appropriate for your dog’s age, special conditions, and personal preferences.


Suffice it to say, there are very few reasons why you and your pet can’t stay together, even in this all-important transition in your life. So do your research and prepare yourself and your pet adequately. In time, you’ll be settled into your new home and life and have more wonderful days together. Having that to look forward to is truly more than enough motivation.


Image courtesy of Pixabay