It’s pretty common for pet owners to be worried when downsizing or moving into a new home. Concerns like noise or the pets escaping, disturbing the peace of your new neighbors are among these worries. It’s important that before you move into a new place, you explore a couple of solutions that’ll help you deal with these concerns.


With a little preparation and looking at all possible expectations, you’ll help your pet’s transition into a new environment smoothly, and they’ll thrive as well as you do. Below are a few tips from Precious Petcare that you can use to help make this process simple for you and your pet:


Join them outdoors.


Your pet is adjusting to living in a new environment, before making the big move, always accompany them outside so that they are used to having supervision when they get to the new area. Make it a habit to leave your pet indoors for a quick run to the store, so that your pet adjusts to being alone at home. This will help adjust to your schedule, especially for an independent pet.


It’s advisable that you are always close to them to feel familiar and be more comfortable with the environment. Continue adding the amount of time you leave progressively so that your pet will adjust to spending unsupervised time in the house.


Find a home that can accommodate them as well.


It’s important that when you are looking for a new home, you consider how the move will affect your pet’s life. Ensure that there’s enough room for all family members, for instance, if you plan on moving into a small space it’ll be impossible with a Great Dane.


Exercise is extremely important for pets, make sure that you survey the area around the house. Having a yard, or a nearby outdoor area where your friend will play and have fun.


Consider a place near a park or a recreational area where you can bring your pet. For a stress-free move, research, and familiarize yourself with available mortgage rates, and if you’ll take a conventional FHA, or VA loan. Penny mac US can help you through this process and give you a smooth transition.


Most importantly, be sure to look for a home where there’s a vet nearby.


Prepare your current home for sale.


A prepped home is appealing meaning faster sales. Your home should be clean before you leave, create a clutter-free environment for a more homey feeling. Think like the buyer, what would you like and what don’t you like?


Also very important: Make sure you address all obvious repairs. Broken windows, broken faucets, chipped paints, breaks, or dents on the door. Ensure that the house is brand new. Add a little touch of appeal.


Don’t forget to address the exterior of your home as well. Search online for a “yard service near me” to connect with local pros who can spruce up your lawn — especially if your beloved pet has been particularly hard on it.


Lastly, prepare your family and ensure that they are comfortable with leaving their home for a new one. It can be overwhelming but with the right measures in place, everything will be okay. During moving day, you may want to hire Precious Petcare to look after your pet to ensure they’re happy and calm during what can be a chaotic time.

Take longer walks.

Take more walks with your pet during its transition time. Taking longer and more frequent walks will help make the area look more familiar and start feeling like home. On the upside, this will also be of bonus to you, other than exercise, you’ll also familiarize yourself with the new neighborhood and maybe make a couple of new friends.

It’s vital that the environment and community you choose to live in are not only safe for your family but your pet as well. For your pet’s health, ensure that this transition is stress-free and they are as comfortable as possible.


Downsizing with a pet can be stressful, but with the right strategies in place, it’ll all be easy for you and your furry friend. Whatever decisions you make during this process, make sure that you always put your pet’s needs into consideration.