You can’t always bring your furry friend with you on your vacations or business trips. Traveling with a dog is never easy, and there are some hotels that don’t allow them to stay. And what you should do in that kind of situation? Your best choice is to fine a dog day care where trained professionals will look after your pet while you are gone. If you have no idea how to find such a place, here are some tips that will help you with your decision:

1. Ask people close to you and your veterinarian to recommend you a professional dog sitting service. You can also check the newspaper, the phone book, or online for such places nearby.

2. After you narrow down your options, interview prospective sitters over the phone or in person, if possible. Request a list of referrals and proof of professional liability insurance. Also, ask them to describe their training process and experience or that of any other employees that might take care of your pet. Learn about the services they provide. Do they keep daily records, walk, and groom the dogs, and do they provide special training and play time? It’s also important to make sure they have a solid emergency plan if something happens to them or your pet. They should be in contact with a veterinarian which should be able to treat your pet if something happens. There should be a replacement sitter if something happens with the original one.

3. Arrange a meeting with the sitters you liked best and your dog. See how they will get along. It’s important for your dog to feel safe and happy with the person who will be taking care of it while you are away.

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