When you adopt your first dog, you’ll experience tons of fun and excitement and puppy love. But, as a first-time owner, you’ll also have lots of questions. Luckily, with all of today’s technology, we have tons of helpful options right on our phones. Here are some of the best apps to guide you and your new dog to success together.

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Snag Some Essentials

Before you bring your new friend home, everyone knows to get the doggy basics, like a food bowl, a leash, and a place to snooze. But don’t forget that your phone is also an essential tool for smart pet ownership. With a strong internet connection and well-chosen apps at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to take charge of your pet’s health, safety, and happiness.

Keep in mind that older phones aren’t able to handle the newest apps. If your phone isn’t providing you with the tools you need, consider upgrading to a brand-new model so you can keep everything you need to know right in your pocket. Many providers offer the option of trading in your old phone for a newer model so you can save. With the right gadgetry in place, you’ll be ready to learn and explore with your new bosom buddy!

Pet First Aid by The American Red Cross

When it comes to emergency services, the American Red Cross is the expert. So when you need advice about your dog’s health, this app is the perfect place to look. It offers advice on all kinds of health ailments, explains how to handle injuries, and helps you keep your pet safe every day.

Examples of the information it provides include how to control bleeding, what to do if your dog suffered smoke inhalation from a fire, how to know when your dog’s having trouble breathing, and much more. It offers tips and tricks around socialization, training, traveling with your pet, and how to prepare for an emergency.

We used to have to keep thick first aid books on the shelf. They were difficult to navigate and only available at home. Now, all that information can be carried with you whenever you have your phone. While this is not a replacement for a vet, it can give you a good starting point and help you decide when a vet’s help is needed. It’s a great way to make sure your pet is healthy and happy.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

As the AKC explains, clicker training is one of the best ways to shape the behavior of your dog. However, it requires that you carry a clicker around wherever you go. But what if you forget it at home?

Jade Lizard Software points out the iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker app is the perfect solution to this problem. We always carry our phones on us, so why not use a clicker right on the phone? The app allows you to customize the sound frequency and choose from a variety of different sounds. There are whistles, clicking sounds, and squeaking toy noises – everything your dog loves. And if you still can’t find a sound that fits your dog perfectly, it even allows you to record your own.


The FitBark app offers a fantastic way to keep track of your pet’s health. You can monitor his food intake, including calories, keep track of how much exercise your best friend is getting, and even write a journal about your days together.

It’s easy to keep track of both you and your dog’s fitness progress by syncing the FitBark app with your fitness tracker. Then, set goals and accept challenges to keep you both on your toes! Fully customizable with photos of your dog, you can even share and discuss your progress with other dog lovers.

In addition to a monitoring tool, the FitBark app also offers information about your pet’s health. So it’s like a guidebook, journal, and monitors all in one.

Thanks to technology, first-time dog owners have more access to quality information than ever. Make sure you cover all the essentials for yourself and your new friend. With a few of the latest apps loaded and ready to roll, you and your pooch are sure to enjoy some wonderful adventures.