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Moving With Pets? Here Are 7 Tips to Help 

 If you’re moving to San Diego and you have a furry friend in tow, congratulations. You’re walking into a pet’s paradise, and you and Tank will have lots of people to socialize with upon your arrival. But, we all know that moving with pets isn’t easy. Today, we offer the top seven tips on how to make your move smooth.  

Look ahead for pet services.  

Chances are, you already have a veterinarian, dog sitter, and groomer in your current hometown. Make sure that your pet has access to these and other services in San Diego before you come. Precious Petcare offers dog walking, dog boarding, and in-home care, with prices starting at just $26 per walk. 

Move a little at a time.  

Pets do best when their environment is not changed all at once. For this reason, and if at all possible, make a point to move a little bit at a time. If you go this route, look for a place to store your personal belongings until you need them. Options for San Diego storage are many, and you can expect to pay in the ballpark of $150 per month for a 5’ x 5’ unit. Keep in mind that many storage units offer great discounts for new clients, so ask about special offers before you book. This advice also applies to holding on to personal items that you’re not quite ready to part with but you want to bring with you.  

Look for veterinary reviews. 

If you’re buying a dog harness, sedative, or something else to help your pet travel, look online for a website that offers product reviews by licensed veterinarians. Although product referrals from your friends and family are great, not every item is suited to every pet or breed. Using a veterinary review website is a great alternative if you already have trouble communicating with your pets’ current veterinarian. 

Get your friends to help. 

If you’re moving and on a tight budget, start calling in favors. This is especially beneficial if you need to scout ahead to your new city before you move. Don’t be shy about asking friends and family to take your dog for an overnight visit while you look for a place to live or work. Make sure to pack their bed, bowls, leash, and food, and ask if your friend’s home is set up for pets. 

Visit the local dog park. 

Once you do have Fido by your side, help them get acclimated to their new hometown by visiting one of the 22 pet-friendly green spaces in the San Diego area. 

Keep them safe on the road. 

You already know your dog should be harnessed on a road trip, but that’s not the only step you can take to keep your animals safe. According to the Pet Health Network’s Dr. Ruth MacPeet, DMV, microchipping is the best way to ensure that your animal will get back to you if they run off. And, considering the curious nature of our furry friends, it pays to have safeguards in place beyond the leash.  

Create a safe environment. 

Great. You are home and settled. But, you have to make sure that your new environment is safe for your pet. Start by making sure your yard is fully fenced in. Not only will this keep your animal from wandering, but it will also keep predators at bay. And, as tempting as it is to leave lots of tasty treats within reach when you are tired from a long drive, make sure that you have a trash can with a lid that reduces the possibility of your dog eating something that might hurt them. 

When you’re moving, you have to pay close attention to those you’re moving with. When one or more members of your party have paws and claws, you have your work cut out for you. There are challenges along the way, but the seven tips above can help smooth your path.