Starting July 9, 2024 this new daycare is perfect for puppies under 12 months and also for our clients with calm, friendly pups who are okay with other energetic puppies.

Puppy Socialization Daycare Details

When: Starting July 9th, every Tuesday

Who: Puppies under 12 months and calm, friendly dogs

Half Day: 8am – 12pm for $39

Full Day: 8am – 4pm for $59

*Pick up & drop off extra

Meet Tory, Our New Sitter and Certified Dog Trainer

Tory will be leading the daycare sessions every Tuesdays, focusing on socialization and basic training. Your puppies will have the opportunity to learn basic commands and receive foundational training while having fun and making new friends.





Benefits of Puppy Socialization Daycare:


Puppies will interact with other dogs, helping them develop essential social skills and become less aggressive over time.

Basic Training

Tory will teach basic commands and provide foundational training.

Safe and Supervised Play

Our experienced staff ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all puppies.


Plenty of playtime to keep your pups active and healthy


We look forward to seeing your puppies in our new socialization daycare and helping them grow into well-behaved and happy dogs!

Best Wishes,

Precious Petcare ❤︎