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In many parts of the United States, winter’s chill keeps a layer of frost or snow on the ground, making treks outside few and far between. Miami weather is the opposite, with the winter months still seeing temps in the 70s. For this reason, it’s a pooch’s paradise, but when you combine warm temps and outdoor fun, there are a few safety precautions you need to keep in mind. Follow these tips from Precious Petcare to keep your pet safe in hot weather. 

That’s Too Hot 

The weather might be perfect for a walk or trip to the dog park, but don’t forget to bring along plenty of water for both you and your pooch. A collapsible water bowl makes it easy to serve up water on the go, and many dog parks have fountains. Sometimes no amount of water and shade can prevent heat-related illness, so watch for signs that your dog is overheating. While panting is a dog’s natural way of cooling down, excessive panting means it’s time to call it day.  

 If your dog starts drooling more than normal, acts distressed or uneasy, or becomes unstable, use a towel soaked in cool (not cold) water to slowly cool him down and then head to the vet! If you don’t have pet insurance, you might start regretting that decision. Keep your pet – and your wallet – safe by investing in a reasonably priced pet insurance policy. That way, your finances won’t be a deciding factor for whether or not you seek medical attention for your beloved pet.  

Your pooch’s paws can get a little too hot as well, so avoid hot pavement, cement, and asphalt, and stick to cool grass when possible. Aim for walks and playtime during mornings or evenings when the sun isn’t at full force.   

Manners Matter 

While there is certainly plenty to do in terms of outdoor fun, other dog owners and their furry companions are taking advantage of the same opportunities. To ensure that all social encounters are happy ones, be on the lookout for signs that your dog or theirs isn’t feeling the socialization, and always ask before approaching another dog. Be mindful of the signals you are sending your dog too; a tight grip and tension on the leash makes it seem as though there is something your pooch should be concerned about.  

Speaking of leashes, make sure you are using the right one for you and your dog for a fun walking experience. For the most control, use a regular leash as opposed to a retractable one. If your pooch tends to pull you along, you might find that a harness works best. Walking should be an enjoyable experience, so training is key.  

Take Advantage 

It doesn’t matter how nice the weather is outside, work and life obligations tend to get in the way. Rather than keep your pooch cooped up inside all day, why not hire a dog walker to give your dog love, attention, and exercise when you can’t? Precious Pet offers dog walking services on a variety of schedules. When it comes to walking, Leila and the team know the tricks of the trade, sharing them with her walkers and you! It can be daunting to trust someone else with your fur baby, but these professionals provide pictures, refresh your pup’s water, and will do walks up to seven times per week. 

Before you head outside for some doggy fun, make sure the two of you are prepared for the heat. Brush up on your dog’s walking manners and training too, and consider bringing a dog walker into your pack. Your pooch loves the fresh air as much as you do, so what are you waiting for?   

The professionals at Precious Pet want your pup to be treated right, and they have a variety of services to meet your pet care needs. Give them a call at (858) 433-5063 to set up your pet care needs today!