A dog is a man and woman’s best friend and more people are treating their dog just like a family member. Pets these days have their own social media pages and accounts. People throw them birthday parties and buy them Christmas gifts. They truly are like family so why not include them in your wedding too?  

Now in 2021 more places are dog-friendly than ever before. Dogs are now allowed at a lot of restaurants, bars, shopping malls, beauty salons…and on airplanes. They are certainly welcome in churches and wedding venues as well. People love seeing animals, especially when they are all dressed up! Dress up your pooch and have them be the “flower pup” or the ring bearer.

That is why we have decided to add our new service, Wedding Pet Attendant. We will take care of your pet while you get ready and are busy running around for your big day. We offer “pet taxi” so we can pick up your dog and take them to the wedding venue and drop them off whenever the ceremony/ reception is over. We will also groom and dress them up and watch them closely so they will not mess their outfit. They will get potty breaks, walks, and have fun without bothering their parents. After the wedding we can safely drop them off at a designated place and time so you can enjoy your wedding with the peace of mind knowing that your fur baby is well taken care of!

Wedding Pet Attendant service will be available at events such as: proposals, rehearsals, weddings, vow renewals, receptions, and photo shoots.

Our services include, but are not limited to: consultation, ceremony assistance & coordination, photo shoot assistance, aisle escorting, walks, feeding, potty breaks, styling & grooming, chauffeuring and keeping your pup calm.

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