It feels surprising to imagine what your cat is up to when she just sits at her window porch looking out the windows for so long. Do they want to go outside? Or they just enjoy chipmunks chasing each other and chirping birds. I was coming home back from the work the other day and I saw my cat at the window as if she was watching me like I was gonna give her intel on her detective mission.


This all looks good until you see your cat sitting by a windowsill and looking outside. Well, the ancestors of domesticated cats, African wildcats were nocturnal animals. That said, cats too have a good night vision. Your cat can see things pretty clear even if all you can see is pitch darkness. So what’s the reason behind it? Read on to know more.

Cold Air Breeze

Indoor cats get stressed when they do not get to go out often. The main reason is the hot humid environment inside. This is possible when you’re out for long and all windows are closed causing the humid environment in a closed house.


So when a window is open, your cat might just be vibing and chilling in cold air breeze. If you feel your cat will just escape, you can open the window partially and let the cold air flow. Some cat escape artists would just not leave any chance of stepping outside. So, it is crucial to get your cat out of the house frequently as a part of enrichment.

Watching For Their Hoomans

When you’re out of the house, your cat would look out at the window awaiting your homecoming. We all know their cattitude makes us feel they just don’t care but they really love their parents and await you.


When I see my cat waiting for me at the window, it feels like she would interrogate me and if I have done anything morally wrong on my day out or she would just scratch my face. All in all, one of the reasons for this kind of behavior is they love to see you as soon as possible after you head over to your work.

They Are Concerned With The Presence of Other Animals

We all know cats are highly territorial. When there are street dogs roaming around your house or you have other cats in the neighborhood, your cat might just be worried. She will try to protect her territory and constantly be watching her so-called intruders.


That being said, you should always keep a close eye on your cat’s behavior. If you find your cat is being stressed for the presence of other cats and dogs, you might actually want to draw curtains and remove her window porch. But this warrants a vet visit for sure.

Some Other Common Temptations

Cats’ smelling power is also sharp and maybe they’re just enjoying different cooking smells coming from neighborhood kitchens. Moreover, they also might be curious to listen to random street sounds.


As we all know cats spend most of their time sleeping and grooming themselves. Morning sunshine will give her a comfy warmth while they sleep peacefully near the window. They sometimes also enjoy their own reflection in the window glass, wondering what in the world the thing that shows another invisible cat.


They enjoy watching the movement of mice, reptiles, birds, and other insects outside which is quite tough for the human brain to perceive. Maybe it is so tempting for them to go outside and be a part of nature.

Enrichment Ideas You Can Try

Considering your cat’s love watching the world changing, you can actually make your cat happy by enriching this behavior. If the window is too high to reach for your feline furball, place a cat condo or a cat tree near the window so that they can climb there easily.


Install a cat window perch and place her favorite bedding on it so that your cat can also sleep if they decide to doze off. Cats indulge themselves in watching birds and insects. If possible, place a bird feeder outside so that your cat can enjoy watching birds. But you have to make sure that your cat or other cats in the neighborhood cannot rich birds.


In addition, if your cat enjoys the night show at the window, you should turn on the light outside. This will attract insects around the light so that your cat will enjoy watching them.

The EndNote

Cats love to watch outside the window and that is totally normal. You should try to enrich your home and make this experience more enjoyable for them. They love to enjoy warmth of the rising sun, changing world outside, small chipmunks playing, bird shipping, and simply the life going on outside. Above all, you should also take your cat out on a walk or in a cat stroller so they also can enjoy the outdoor life they’re not allowed to live.