Meet Our Precious Petcare Team

Leila Offner, Owner

Leila, the owner and founder of Precious Petcare, is the woman version of Cesar Millan. She is so good with animals that they instantly get attached to her. Her positive and friendly energy attracts both cats and dogs. She grew up with Labrador Retrievers in Japan and helped her Father train Labs to become service dogs. On top of her training background she also works with dogs with anxiety and separation issues. She moved to San Diego in 2008 and after leaving the hospitality industry she decided to pursue her career in her love for animals. After obtaining her pet CPR and first aid training she decided to start Precious Petcare. She is also a proud member of the NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters).

*Leila is also bilingual in Japanese. 日本語可能です

She is the best pet sitter in San Diego! She constantly texted me how my dogs are doing, and always answers my call/text even during night.


Chuji Yamada

Pet Owner

We’ve been extremely happy with Leila’s dog walking services over the last few months. She is responsible, trustworthy and accommodating. We were apprehensive at first about hiring a dog walker but we are so happy we did.

Joyce J.

Pet Owner

Leila Offner, Owner

Johnny, Pet Sitter

Johnny’s love and compassion for animals dates back all the way to childhood, where he was raised with a variety of German Shepherds all throughout his infancy. Raised a San Diegan, he has had constant exposure to animals of all kinds but of course has a natural affinity for dogs and is a big breed specialist that understands their body language and tendencies. He also has experience with cats, whom he loves to take care of. Having spent some years living in Mexico, he has a soft spot of street dogs, and is very empathic towards strays/animals at the pound. He has educational background at San Diego State University, where he studied Business Administration and has really aided him in life prior to his arrival at Precious Petcare.

Leila Offner, Owner

Mindy, Pet Sitter

Hello everyone, my name is Mindy. My love for animals began at a young age. A lover of dogs and crazy about cats. I’ve been an early childhood educator for many years and along the way I have cared for multiple families and their furry friends. I have a caring, nurturing side that animals feel welcomed in my care. There’s just nothing like sharing your life with a furry friend. The natural affection I feel for animals can be compared to the affection I feel for children. Your furry friends will have my best interest at heart. Keeping your mind at ease knowing your animals are safe and well cared for when you’re away or close by is my ultimate goal!

Julie, Pet Sitter

Hi, I am Julie. I recently left the corporate world, and it is with great enthusiasm and energy that I am back in the animal care field. I have always loved caring for and surrounding myself with animals of all kinds. I spent 7 years working at the San Diego Zoo, 7 years running my own pet sitting business in Point Loma and Ocean Beach and working at a Veterinary Hospital. I can’t even imagine life without animals whether they are mine or someone else’s. I grew up in the Point Loma area and currently live in Bankers Hill. I am experienced in administering fluids, medications, and insulin for diabetic pets and finding fun ways to give pills to cats. I currently have a wonderful Maltese mix named Zuzu a beautiful Ginger Tabby named Holly. Oh, and my husband John, who shares my passion for animals.

Cierra, Pet Sitter

Hello, I’m Cierra! I’m from San Francisco and have lived in San Diego for most of my life. I’ve had a love for animals of all kinds since a young age, having cared for a dog, cat, hamster, turtle, lizard, frogs, rabbits, and a hissing cockroach over the years. I have experience as a dog walker, kennel attendant, and volunteered with San Diego Humane Society. Working and volunteering at shelters, I’ve supported animals with a wide range of personalities, including those with behavioral issues. I love giving extra patience and affection toward the animals who need it the most. Giving and receiving attention from animals has the win-win potential to brighten both the pet’s and person’s day!

Ariana, Pet Sitter

My name is Ariana and my love for animals started from a very young age. I grew up in North Carolina where my house was always filled with rescue dogs and cats over the years. I moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to go to college and eventually found my purpose in 2017 when I started a job in Animal Welfare. Since that time I’ve worked in a shelter overseeing the health and well-being of 200+ dogs at any given time. I’ve completed dozens of multi-leg transports for dogs and cats going from one state to another. I’ve also mentored other animal shelters to help them with challenges that they may be facing. I moved to San Diego in August 2022 where I currently work remotely helping animal shelters all over the West coast. Since my love for animals is what keeps me going I began pet sitting on the side back in 2017 on my own and just recently joined Precious Petcare as a part time pet sitter. I love having the opportunity to care for pets and know my experience will provide the care and attention that they all deserve! When I’m not caring for my three dogs, Welby, Dexter, and Maxwell, I’ll be happy to share my love with yours!

Ashley, Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Ashley! I am from Washington State, but have called San Diego my home for over 17 years now! I have always loved animals growing up and had dogs, cats, rats, and a rabbit. I graduated from San Diego State with an Outdoor Recreation degree and have worked in Recreation for most of my career, but I have always wanted to work with animals in some way since I was a kid! I have spent many years as a volunteer at multiple shelters walking dogs and have watched animals for friends and family on numerous occasions. I have three rescue pets of my own: 2 dogs (Cali and Summit), and 1 cat (Diego) and they are my world. I love my pets as my children, so I understand how hard it is to find someone you trust to take care of your pets and make sure they are happy! I will love them like they are my own and give them all the love and attention they need!

Michelle, Pet Sitter

Hello, my name is Michelle! I’m from Orange County and I have always had a deep love for all animals. Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a close connection with animals and love being around them in any capacity I can. Growing up we had dogs and cats in our family home and I would often go stay at my Aunt’s farm in Montana to be around all of the animals there. I have a lot of experience with animals and feel very comfortable around them. Being around animals is therapeutic for me and really makes me enjoy pet sitting! I get excited going to visit the pets and take pride in my work. My love for animals, attention to detail and caring nature make me the perfect person to watch your beloved pets. They will be in safe and capable hands and will be treated as though they are my own!

Ashley Z and black dog

Jon, Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Jon. I grew up in New Jersey with a golden retriever and a husky mix and I’ve always loved surrounding myself with dogs. Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed pet sitting and dog walking for friends and neighbors. My hobbies include snowboarding, playing music, and hiking – which translates into my love for pack walks on the trail or at beaches. My experience also includes caring for elderly or sick dogs. I moved from New Jersey to Park City, Utah during my dog’s final years of sickness, where I was responsible for tending to his special needs and giving him his medications. Since then, I have relocated to San Diego where I’ve found my dream job caring for so many wonderful dogs and cats at Precious Petcare. In addition to walking dogs, I also alternate between running the daycare, doing overnights, pack hikes, and doggie daycare. In my time with Precious Petcare I found a stray Husky/Shepherd pup, Freya, who frequently joins me and serves an important job of making furfriends and helping to entertain dogs for anyone who is interested in socializing their pet. I’m happy to spend time playing with your dog(s) or cat(s) while feeding, walking, caring for, and sharing my love for them.
Ashley Z and black dog

Kerri, Pet Sitter

Hello! My name is Kerri and I grew up in Davie, FL. My husband and I, with our two Dalmatians, moved to San Diego two years ago for the military. My love for animals started at a young age. I owned dogs, cats and horses and loved taking care of my neighbors’ animals growing up. I went to Animal Behavior College for my Vet Assistant Certification, but I just love the more personal approach of animal care.
Ashley Z and black dog

Marcella, Pet Sitter

Hi my name is Marcella! I am from Poulsbo, WA and recently moved to San Diego for beauty school to become a future Esthetician. I am your standard crazy cat lady, I’m obsessed! I grew up with cats and got my own cat when I was 11. She is doing so well, her name is Princess because she rules the place, obviously. That’s her in my profile picture! Growing up, I used to pet sit for my three neighbors, who all had cats as well. I love dogs too, I had one for about 3 years and would walk my friend’s dogs when they’d go on vacation. Each pet is so unique and I love the variety of personalities and joy that this job brings me! So much that it doesn’t feel like a job, I just love chillin’ with the pets. I am so excited to meet and take care of all of your precious fur babies! <3
Ashley Z and black dog

Hannah, Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m from a smaller town in the South where I grew up with a wide variety of amazing animals and pets. I was raised to treat all beings with kindness, respect and care, so working with Precious Petcare has been a dream come true! I get to express my passion and love for animals while also applying things i’ve learned while raising and researching so many animals! I remember all the times I would beg my parents to get me another companion. I will never forget my first exotic pet, my chameleon Pascal! I am in school for Biology and hope to build a career around my love for animals and their mental processes. I want to help animals feel more secure and understood, and I owe it to my sweet lab mix that I grew up with. He struggled with anxiety and feeling comfortable. The things I learned from trainers and also my experiences with him has given me the drive to explore that field myself. I adore the comforting and lively energy that I can achieve at work everyday and I wish to provide that environment for your pets as well!
Ashley Z and black dog

Hilary, Pet Sitter

Hi I’m Hilary, and I have always loved animals, and they tend to love me! I grew up around all types of pets and have experience with all types of animals — not just dogs and cats, but also lizards, snakes, bunnies, ducks, fish, ferrets, and we even had a tarantula! My experiences with pets and also working with wildlife taught me responsible ownership and handling of animals, as well as how each has its own personality and place in this world. As a very patient and empathetic person, I take pride in adapting to what every pet’s unique needs are, and I’ll treat your pets like they’re my own!

Ashley Z and black dog

Candace, Pet Sitter

I’m originally from Los Angeles but moved to a farm in Colorado at 7 years old. My mother’s dream was always to own horses, so we bought a 30-acre working farm and began breeding and showing Arabian horses. Our farm was filled with just about every farm animal you could imagine, and it was mine and my siblings’ jobs to take care of them… rabbits, cattle, ducks, goats, cats, dogs and even ostrich’s. I was heavily involved in the 4-H animal science program where I learned a lot about how to care for animals, including training, grooming, nursing an injury, and giving them lots of love. My father was a professional landscape and wildlife/animal photographer, and I was his assistant, which took us to animal shows all across the Midwest to photograph all kinds of animals.

I’ve lived in San Diego for about 16 years, and now that my two sons are older teenagers, it allows me to spend more time doing what I love: exercising and taking care of animals. I am very meticulous and will take great care of your pet and your home, leaving you worry-free while you are away.


Ashley Z and black dog

Anel, Pet Sitter

I’ve cherished a lifelong bond with dogs, cats, and birds, finding solace and joy in their companionship. With a rich background in nurturing a variety of pets, I bring a wealth of experience in catering to their every need. My approach is rooted in patience, attentiveness, and a keen ability to interpret their body language, allowing me to multitask effectively. Whether it’s recognizing hunger, sensing the need for a walk, or understanding when they require bathroom breaks, my intuitive care ensures their well-being. Following your instructions diligently is a commitment I take seriously, emphasizing the establishment of trust as a cornerstone of my service. My goal is to create an environment where both you and your pet feel secure, calm, and content.
Ashley Z and black dog