Meet Our Precious Petcare Team

Leila Offner, Owner

Leila, the owner and founder of Precious Petcare, is the woman version of Cesar Millan. She is so good with animals that they instantly get attached to her. Her positive and friendly energy attracts both cats and dogs. She grew up with Labrador Retrievers in Japan and helped her Father train Labs to become service dogs. On top of her training background she also works with dogs with anxiety and separation issues. She moved to San Diego in 2008 and after leaving the hospitality industry she decided to pursue her career in her love for animals. After obtaining her pet CPR and first aid training she decided to start Precious Petcare. She is also a proud member of the NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters).

*Leila is also bilingual in Japanese. 日本語可能です

She is the best pet sitter in San Diego! She constantly texted me how my dogs are doing, and always answers my call/text even during night.


Chuji Yamada

Pet Owner

We’ve been extremely happy with Leila’s dog walking services over the last few months. She is responsible, trustworthy and accommodating. We were apprehensive at first about hiring a dog walker but we are so happy we did.

Joyce J.

Pet Owner

Leila Offner, Owner

Johnny, Pet Sitter

Johnny’s love and compassion for animals dates back all the way to childhood, where he was raised with a variety of German Shepherds all throughout his infancy. Raised a San Diegan, he has had constant exposure to animals of all kinds but of course has a natural affinity for dogs and is a big breed specialist that understands their body language and tendencies. He also has experience with cats, whom he loves to take care of. Having spent some years living in Mexico, he has a soft spot of street dogs, and is very empathic towards strays/animals at the pound. He has educational background at San Diego State University, where he studied Business Administration and has really aided him in life prior to his arrival at Precious Petcare.

Leila Offner, Owner

Sara, Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’ve been pet sitting for over 6 years! I moved to San Diego for college and began pet sitting as a way to help pay for school, but over time it quickly became more of a passion rather than a profession. I love meeting new pets and making them feel loved and special while their family is away, and I pride myself on treating each pet as if they were my own. I have experience with pretty much every type of pet imaginable and I’m very comfortable with pets of all ages and energy levels!

Julie, Pet Sitter

Hi, I am Julie. I recently left the corporate world, and it is with great enthusiasm and energy that I am back in the animal care field. I have always loved caring for and surrounding myself with animals of all kinds. I spent 7 years working at the San Diego Zoo, 7 years running my own pet sitting business in Point Loma and Ocean Beach and working at a Veterinary Hospital. I can’t even imagine life without animals whether they are mine or someone else’s. I grew up in the Point Loma area and currently live in Bankers Hill. I am experienced in administering fluids, medications, and insulin for diabetic pets and finding fun ways to give pills to cats. I currently have a wonderful Maltese mix named Zuzu a beautiful Ginger Tabby named Holly. Oh, and my husband John, who shares my passion for animals.

Mindy, Pet Sitter

Hello everyone, my name is Mindy. My love for animals began at a young age. A lover of dogs and crazy about cats. I’ve been an early childhood educator for many years and along the way I have cared for multiple families and their furry friends. I have a caring, nurturing side that animals feel welcomed in my care. There’s just nothing like sharing your life with a furry friend. The natural affection I feel for animals can be compared to the affection I feel for children. Your furry friends will have my best interest at heart. Keeping your mind at ease knowing your animals are safe and well cared for when you’re away or close by is my ultimate goal!

Kiersten, Pet Sitter

Hi! My name is Kiersten and I moved to San Diego in 2016 from my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. I currently go to UCSD for mechanical engineering and I started pet sitting to help me on the side during school. I have had experience managing my mom’s pet sitting business back home for the last 3 years. I have had a passion for animals my whole life, growing up with everything from German Shepherds to hamsters. I have two cats of my own (Ember and Zephyr) and a corgi with a tail (Fawkes) whom I love with all of my heart! I know how important it is to know you are leaving your fur babies in great hands whenever you can’t be there, and it’s my number one goal to keep them happy and comfortable the whole time like they’re my own. Being a crazy cat/dog mom myself, I know what I want for my pets when I leave them anywhere, and that is the same care I will always offer you and your babes!

Audrianna, Pet Sitter

Hi, I’m Audrianna! I have been an animal enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and have always had an array of animal companions in my life. Growing up, I spent much of my time reading through huge encyclopedias of the different dog breeds to learn as much as I could about each of them, and it was (and still is) my dream to live on a farm surrounded by animals. My sidekicks these days include my dog and cat, as well as two mischievous cockatiels. I am so grateful for my years of experience caring for animals of many different species, sizes, ages, and temperaments, and I am highly confident in the excellent quality of care and skilled attention to detail that I will be able to provide for you and your fur babies!

Isabel, Pet Sitter

Isabel is a Central Coast native from San Luis Obispo! She is a third year biomedical sciences major and just moved down to San Diego to continue her education. Walking and watching over any kind of animal is much more of a hobby than she can consider a job! It truly brings her much joy and happiness being able to work with different breeds and personalities of the many animals that we have under our care. She is very excited to continue this journey with us and meet many more friendly animals of all kinds!